Practical implementation of automation using Ansible by Red Hat Experts

Hey Folks,

Hope you all are good and happy. This article is about the session that that was organized by Linux World India on December 28, 2020.

The main agenda for the session were practical Implementation on Automation using Ansible.

The main guest speaker of the session were:

1 . “Mr. Arun Eapen sir” (Director, APAC Service Delivery, GLS RedHat Asia Pacific)

▪️ Specialist:- Linux and Security 🔐

▪️The First RHC*(RHCA, RHCSS, RHCDS, RHCVA) in India.

▪️Founding member of the Free Software Foundation India.

▪️Being in open source software for more than 24 years.

  1. 2. “Sreejith Anujan sir”,

The Principal Instructor at Red Hat

▪️Primarily responsible for empowering Red Hat customers with tailor-made enablement services.

▪️Also heading the designing and delivering high-quality content on integrated solutions and trusted partners across APAC, ANZ, and APJ.

▪️Connected with RedHat for around 12+ years.

▪️He was a Speaker at 2018 where he had discussed Linux Container Internals.

Yesterday’s session was mainly focusing on the real world use case and need of automation in industries . There are some steps which need to be done again and again rendering to the waste of time . Automation not only make the process easy it also decrease the waste of resources.

- Automation is a way by which we create a software or toll which remove the human intervention again and again thus helps in doing repeatable jobs. It accelerate the process of IT industries.

- In this world of ever-growing data we have to focus on multiple small tasks and think out of the box which demands the scalability of IT Infrastructure.

- Now a days every IT industries uses Automation. Ansible is an automation tool that automate the tasks that helps in expanding the business.

- Scaling and HA are needed to share the workload and minimize failure.

- We can use Ansible automation in orchestration, config management, deployment, and task automation

- AnsibleTower solves multiple use cases for us like CI/CD with workflow, integrates SCM with Webhooks, manage encrypted credential, dashboard which is a Web UI, scaling/HA with have the same database, RedHat signed playbooks called collections.

- JobTemplate in Ansible Tower is the playbook in ansible tower

- RedhatVirtualisation

- Orchestration using Ansible Tower

- In case of any technology is not defaulted by Ansible Tower, we have learned to use the add credentials of such by using Credential type.

I would like to thanks Sreejith Anujan sir & Mr. Arun Eapen sir for bringing the real use of Ansible in out sight. I would like to thanks LinuxWorld, Vimal Daga sir, and the whole team form so giving us such a great opportunity to connect with them.